Contracted Production

You have an order. We have the machines.

  • no matter if turning, drilling, milling, grinding or welding
  • no matter if component, assembly, prototype or small part:

We are your competent partner for all of these jobs in the area of contracted production.


Pipe processing with water jet
Profile pipes and carriers up to Ø: 650 mm, L: 6,000 mm

up to Ø: 430 mm, L: 1,000 mm

5-axis mills:
up to max. 1,100 x 700 x 700 mm

CNC bed mills:
up to max. 5,000 mm x 1,250 x 1,400 mm

Flat grinding:
up to max. 1,000 mm x 500 mm

Welding constructions:
up to max. 16 t