The special machines of Perndorfer Maschinenbau KG have an outstanding reputation in many different industries. 

We offer the following to our customers on request:

  • generation of a feasibility study
  • construction with the fenite-element calculation
  • in-house production in mechanics and electrics (hard- and software)
  • ready-for-production plant and machine including training, technical documentation and danger analysis. 

We guarantee outstanding service, short times to reaction and schedule compliance for our customers. Convince yourself of our diversity:

Convince Yourself of our Diversity:

Belt-Carrier Production Plant for Semitrailers

Component data:
H: min. 500 mm,  max. 1,200 mm
L: min.  5,000 mm, max. 14,000 mm

Fully Automatic Production of Freezers

The work steps:

  • assumption of the outer hull
  • combination with the components
  • clamping and welding with the laser welding plant (Trumpf),
  • subsequent turning
  • removal of the chests

Cycle time approx. 30 seconds

Component data:
B: min. 600 mm, max. 1,200 mm
L: min. 1,200 mm, max. 2,400 mm

Special Mill for Serial Production

Processing space:
W: 1,000 mm, H: 1,300 mm, D: 750 mm
4 processing units at the same time

Ultrasonic Inspection Plant with 10 CNC Axes

Inspection of "Flap Track Fairings" for Airbus A380

Work areas without portal design:

X: 8,000 mm, Y1:  2,200 mm, Y2: 2,200 mm
Z1: 2,500 mm, Z2: 2,500 mm 

Ultrasonic Inspection Plant for Shafts

Work areas for contact technology:
X: 20,000 mm, Y: 2,000 mm, Z: 2,500 mm
for shafts of:
min. ∅ 200 mm, max. 2,200 mm
length min. 1,700 mm, max. 20,000 mm
Weight up to max. 150 t

Strap Annealing plant Coiling and Uncoiling

Uncoiling with retention tension depending on strap and parallel interim belt coiling of the protection film on clamping mandrel.

Coiling with strap tension control of 0.8 to 25 KN and strap edge control for precise coiling.