Die hervorragende Qualität von Perndorfer-Wasserstrahlschneidanlagen garantiert nicht nur eine überdurchschnittlich lange Lebensdauer, sondern auch eine überaus hohe Produktivität und Wertbeständigkeit.

WSS Cantilever: "The All-Round Solution"

The cantilever build of water jet cutting plants has a long tradition at Perndorfer. Perndorfer was the first manufacturer of water jet cutting machines who used this build. Its benefit is the outstanding accessibility that mostly benefits the operator during equipment.

Perndorfer can disprove doubts according to which the cantilever construction may not be stiff enough and will bend. The build can only be used for solid and massive constructions anyway – and the water jet cutting plants by Perndorfer meet these requirements.

The cantilever arm is constructed and calculated with the latest CAD and FEM technology. A massive steel-welded construction ensures best stiffness. This way, we can warrant that the system has no disadvantages as compared to the portal build for a processing width of up to 2,000 mm. The positive resonance of our customers confirms this machine design.

The cantilever build can make the tank accessible from all sides. The tank is set up at a distance from the longitudinal axis of the machine that is ergonomically beneficial for loading and unloading.

The standard cantilever machines have a serial material or zero stop. The Perndorfer water jet cutting plants also have a long-lived strip grid. The nearly wear-free sludge removal – also an innovation from Perndorfer reliably ensures that the cutting sludge is continually removed from the tank.

Processing area:
2,000 x 1,000 mm to 9,000 x 2,000 mm