Water jet cutting plants by Perndorfer are characterised by outstanding quality. This quality is reflected in an above-average service life, a very high productivity and value retention.


Water Jet Cutter Portal/3D: "The Multifunctional Solution"

This 5-axis machine permits cutting freely in space, also thanks to the Perndorfer full 3D head. It has an endlessly rotating C-axis and a B-axis swivel area of ±120°.

This machine offers the customer incredible options, e.g. when processing dished ends (also with various welding chamfer preparations) or when cutting tubes, containers and many other constructions and contours.

Processing areas:
Metal sheets: 3,000 x 2,000/4,000/6,000 mm

Pipes: ø: up to 3,000 mm, length: up to 8,000 mm