Abrasive System

The abrasive dosage via small conveyor belt that is known to everyone by now is a Perndorfer development. This smart, smoothly adjustable abrasive technology is part of all 2D and 3D abrasive water jet cutting plants. It permits control of the abrasive amount during cutting as well. An abrasive accumulation or lack of abrasive are reliably recognised and assessed. The interim tank above it is made of either stainless steel or perspex.

Sludge Removal

The Perndorfer sludge removal consists of two screws – a horizontal one in the cutting tank and a vertical one outside of the cutting tank that fills the mobile collection tank with the sludge. The Perndorfer sludge removal is maintenance-free and reliable, needs little energy and little space.

Automatic Abrasive Sand Conveyor

The sand conveyor removes the garnet sand right from the big bag. Therefore, the pressure tank does not have to be filled manually and the heavy sand big bags need not be lifted. Continuous transport of the abrasive is ensured by a sophisticated chamber system with the suction line always being monitored. The maintenance is facilitated by a washable "NeverClog" dust filter bag.

60° Cutting Head/Diagonal Cut Compensation

Since the cutting head is very compact and light in weight, it can be easily installed at cantilever machines and regular Z-axes.

This cutting head offers all the benefits of A-B kinematics: The focus (Tool Centre Point) is not specified via the cutting head kinematics. Thus, the tool length can be changed easily via the control. This permits installation of differently long cutting heads, as it is necessary when switching from abrasive to pure water systems or for differently long collimation pipes and focussing pipes from different manufacturers.

Since these kinematics need no space for a rotating C-axis, a very small cutting head distance can be reached in multiple-head plants. Turning out of the C-axis is excluded as well.

The 3D cutting head ±60° is equipped with a safe work room monitoring. A safety housing is therefore not needed.

The 60° head can also be limited to approx. ±12° and thus act as a pure diagonal cutting compensation (SSA). A special algorithm analyses the contours and ensures precisely rectangular cuts.

Full 3D Cutting Head

The full 3D cutting head entices with its great mobility. The B-axis can swivel at angles of up to ±120°.

The C-axis can be turned endlessly. Cables and hoses are not turned along. This is ensured by a special turning penetration for the abrasive transport and the fact that all supply lines are in the middle axis. The servo motors are placed externally. 

The full 3D cutting head is perfect for processing dished ends and for all cutting tasks that require processing freely in the space.