WSS Tube 400/1500: „The Compact One“

A compact pipe cutter with jet catcher for cutting smaller pipes with a diameter up to 400 mm.

This pipe cutting plant is equipped with the Perndorfer full 3D head as well. This permits diagonal cuts of any kind.

The pipe support (W-axis) that can be positioned automatically permits cutting several pipe segments without time consuming re-clamping. The already-cut segments either remain on the jet catcher or can be pushed back with the W-axis to prevent collisions with newly cut parts.

The catcher inside the pipe prevents damage to the opposite side of the pipe. The catcher is also continually flushed during cutting and the cutting sludge is thus removed.

The pipe cutting machine works precisely, efficiently and secures the greatest possible yield. It is suitable for the standardised serial production of pipe segments, as well as for customer-specific productions.

Processing range:
Ø: uo to 400 mm