Everything Large Started out Small Once


Perndorfer Maschinenbau developed from a one-man metalworker's shop founded in 1985 into one of the most innovative production operations for water jet cutting systems and special machines. What stayed the same are the values for which company owner Franz Perndorfer and his teams stand: Reliability, innovation spirit, flexibility, highest quality and the claim to find a solution for any problem.

„Your dedicated partner for highest quality":

This corporate slogan and leading idea was phrased in 2005; however, it has been practised since the company was founded in 1985. Then just like now, it was and is important to us to produce solid, high-quality products for our customers with commitment and dedication.

The first special machine was built in the company founded as a metalworker's shop and sharpening service in 1986: an ECG electrode production machine. The first water jet cutter was built in 1991.

In 1993 Perndorfer presented itself at the Intertool trade fair in Vienna with its water jet cutters.

In 2000 the production site was expanded by 1,500  m2.

2005/2006: The single company Franz Perndorfer was changed into Perndorfer Maschinenbau KG, accompanied by a new corporate appearance.

In 2006 Perndorfer developed and produced the first pipe cutting plant that works with water jet. In 2008, Perndorfer received the largest order of its corporate history: a complete production line for a renowned Austrian producer of truck trailers and semitrailers.

The water cutting systems were optimised and given a new design in 2013. Perndorfer presented the new procedure of the electron jet cutting technology at the trade fair "Welding and Cutting" in Essen that year as well. It was the result of three years of research and development work in cooperation with the Leibnitz University of Hanover.