Our WJC Machines at a Glance

Premium Quality at a Fair Price

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Perndorfer’s water jet cutting machines can be built to meet every requirement. They win over with their price and performance. Moreover, our WJC machines can be fitted with many components or add-ons. We produce long-lasting, highly efficient, and durable machines. This kind of quality creates peace of mind and precision.

WSS Kragarm
WJC HE Cantilever (Symbol photo)
WJC Cantilever XL
WJC HE Cantilever XL (Symbol photo)
WJC-Box from Perndorfer
WJC Box (Symbol photo)
WJC Gantry
WJC HE Gantry (Symbol photo)
WJC HE Wide Gantry (Symbol photo)
Waterjetcutting machine WJC 3D
WJC 3D (Symbol photo)
WJC RW 5-Head (Symbol photo)
WJC RW 12-Head (Symbol photo)
WJC RW 7-Head (Symbol photo)
WJC RW 8-Head (Symbol photo)
Waterjet Cutting Job Order Construction WJC-Tube650_6000
WJC Tube 650/6000 (Symbol photo)
WSS Tube 4000_6000_Perndorfer-Waterjetcutting
WJC Tube 4000/6000 (Symbol photo)
WJC Tube 400/1500 (Symbol photo)
WJC-Tube-Special with Catcher
WJC Tube with Catcher (Symbol photo)
WJC Combination (Symbol photo)
Bespoke client solution - e.g. Display Machine (Symbol photo)