WJC Combination

The combination of tube and flatbed makes almost every cutting job possible.

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Flatbed Tube Combo

This machine is equipped for almost any cutting job because it combines the advantages of a Perndorfer tube cutter in a useful way with a flatbed area. The tube cutting has moveable bezels, which make it easy to load and assist in the cutting.

Sizes available upon request.

The integrated automatic water level regulator makes it possible to cut tubes under water. The cutting process is quiet, clean, and particularly gentle on the other side of the tube.
The powered clamping system is constructed in such a way that the harsh abrasive water environment cannot harm it.

The machine can also be equipped with several cutting heads.

In addition to making bevel cuts on the flatbed and cutting components with free forms, a ±60° or full 3D cutting head makes it possible to perform diagonal cuts in the tube.

Sludge removal ensures that the cutting sludge is removed reliably both from the flatbed as well as from the tube cutting basin.