Water Jet Cutting System from the Specialist

Water jet technology offers completely new production possibilities at a previously unknown, extremely affordable price level. Thanks to a water jet cutting system, a new, innovative wind is blowing through your production system. Perndorfer means Austrian quality from a family-run company.

Waterjet cutting impresses with its particularly accurate cutting edges. In order to be able to use the results of this technology optimally, the cutting portal has a linear drive that guarantees absolute positioning accuracy. Waterjet cutting can be used for
a variety of tasks can be used. By adapting the waterjet cutting systems, you can create both simple 2D templates and detailed 3-D models.

No heat distortion

Use water jet cutting systems to cut stainless steel and many other heat sensitive materials without distortion, as no heat in the form of radiant energy (laser) or friction (milling) is transferred to the workpiece. The result is precise cuts in all materials with a thickness of up to 144 mm as well as in steel or stainless steel.

When you buy a waterjet cutting machine, you value accurate work without much waiting time. With the cutting system you can control the production of waterjet cut parts independently in the future, so that you are no longer tied to cutting companies.
Plus, it’s much cheaper for you to buy a waterjet cutting machine in the long run, especially when the cutting company that works for you does not meet your quality requirements.
Gentle cutting process and flexible adjustment
The water jet cutting system works with cold cutting water and any abrasives. In contrast to laser or plasma cutting processes, there is no Generates heat so that no deformations or microcracks can occur in the material. Usually be perfectly flat cut surfaces achieved.

The Perndorf waterjet cutting system offers a wide range of possible applications for manufacturing. Waterjet cutting is a purely mechanical process without thermal effects. Using clean water or abrasive water, you can process a wide range of materials, from sheet metal to glass, plastic, stone or ceramics.
Trust in the years of experience of Perndorfer Maschinenbau KG and contact us if you want to buy a waterjet cutting system.