Up to 45% funding possible!

Whether a new purchase, exchange or upgrade - the investment pays off for you.

Up to 45% funding: When purchasing a new Perndorfer waterjet cutting system, you can apply for the „Bundesweite Initiative zur Erhöhung der Energieeffizienz in Industriebetrieben und zur Reduktion des CO2-Ausstoßes” grant – only in Germany.

The following is funded in Germany:

  • Purchase of a new waterjet cutting machine
  • Replacement of old waterjet cutting systems and individual components (e.g. with our energy-saving high-pressure pump Servo-Jet4000)
  • Exchange of existing laser, plasma or oxy-fuel cutting systems for a Perndorfer water jet cutting system

This is how easy it is to get a grant in just a few weeks:
Our sales staff will be happy to advise you and prepare a tailor-made offer for you. Our energy consulting partner will support you with the funding checklist and will calculate the funding based on the offer.

Up to 45% funding on Perndorfer systems and peripheral devices:

WSS Kragarm
Water jet cutting systems
HP-Pump HT-Servo-Jet4000 and peripheral devices
Individual special solutions - e.g. display machine